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Re: Charlie Morton to the Braves
« Reply #15 on: November 25, 2020, 07:52:23 pm »
In other news, every chance the Phillies have to bring back Morton, we fail.

If I'm Bryce Harper, I'm happy with that contract I signed, but severely disappointed by the ownership's incompetence. I'm really questioning this ownership's desire to do whatever it takes to win, because I ain't seeing it.  Middleton is killing my love of the game.  With the Covid HOAX ruining sports as is...The last thing we need is a woe is me owner. The Sixers are showing we can fire a coach, get a new top 10 coach, and bring in new top executives, draft and make smart trades, all during this Covid HOAX!   

Middleton has allowed Klentak to stay in the building while Klentak's bff Ned is supposedly in charge, along with paying MacFailure for doing nothing while having dementia like Joe Biden!!!! Joke!

I don't disagree with your take on this. But when you have a nutcase for a governor that wants a long lock down because he is a lunatic dem and wants people to stay indoors and wear masks even in their own homes. And other dumb governors that are trying to kill the economy in their states too. I think that giving Middleton or any owner a pass before spending a lot of money on FA's, is a reasonable thing. That said, I am hoping he loses money and wants to sell to an owner that will spend more.

I don't think that Middleton will change and be a spender now and we all know that he is clueless when hiring people to run things. But I tell you that I have to wonder whether he really wants to win or not.